Ayurveda Abhyanga Treatment

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

The traditional Ayurvedic full body massage is effective in enhancing blood circulation, relieving nerves and muscles, thus relaxing and energizing the body.
Duration: 60 minutes

Kerala Aroma Abhyanga
Full Body Massage with Native Aroma oil
Classical massage techniques with a blend of natural essential oils of your choice are designed to energize, detoxify and relax the body.
Duration: 60 minutes

Face, Neck and Arm Massage

Gentle massage on the face, forehead and temples helps to energize the senses. A soothing cold rose compress on the forehead calms and relaxes the nerves. The neck and arm are worked on with our signature blend of native aroma oil to ease, tone and relax the muscles on the region.
Duration: 40 minutes

Head and Shoulder Massage

Gentle massage on the scalp with Ayurvedic chandanadi (sandal wood and herb blended oil) cools the nerves, relieves tension and induces sound sleep. Firm massage focusing on the neck and shoulder eases tightness and decreases pain if any. The massage is followed by a warm compress which calms and relaxes the nerves and muscles in the region.
Duration: 40 minutes

Back, Neck and Arm Therapy

Firm massage on the back, neck, shoulder and arm with our signature blend of native aromatic oil and rock salt promotes circulation, eases tightness and alleviates back pain. The warm compress on the shoulder and lower back promotes circulation and loosens up stiffness thereby increasing flexibility and an overall feeling of comfort.
Duration: 45 minutes

Legs and Feet Massage

To soothe the sore muscles, special massage techniques employ pressure on the thighs, calves and soles along the pressure points. Warm compress on the lower limbs renders an overall feeling of flexibility and comfort.
The treatment is not only relaxing and energizing, but relieves built up stress and uneasiness in the entire body leaving it energized and light.
Duration: 45 minutes